create beautiful floral decor with flowers from Trader Joe’s


Flower arranging is often intimidating but it’s not! It is really easy and fun to do. Trader Joe’s has opened up our eyes to flower arranging because we find the freshest, most beautiful flowers there! The key is in choosing the flowers. Experiment in the store by grouping different flowers and greenery together to see what you like best. When you get your flowers home, stripe them of leaves and give them a fresh cut before you start arranging them. And, of course always leave them in water.

Overall tips for working with flowers:

  • When buying your flowers: we recommend purchasing your flowers from Trader Joe’s if possible – they have the most inspiring assortment of flowers and greenery!
  • Before making your arrangement, don’t forget to trim & prune: pruning consists of removing the leaves, Be mindful of where you cut your stems because that can affect how your flowers stand in a vase and also shorten their life (if stems are cut too short)
  • When planning your floral design: start any arrangement or creation thinking about the rule of 3 – start with 3 key elements/pieces and build from there  

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